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This Smoked Meat Sandwich On Salt Spring Island In B.C. Will Actually Change Your Life

It melts in your mouth before you can even chew.
This Smoked Meat Sandwich On Salt Spring Island In B.C. Will Actually Change Your Life

It's butter. That's the absolute best way to describe the Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Buzzy's Luncheonette on Salt Spring Island in B.C. Eating it is a religious experience, especially if you're sick and tired of dry, flavourless cardboard attempting to pass as smoked meat.

It's seriously rare AF to find stellar Montreal smoked meat outside of Quebec. Making it is an art that's lost on so many who try to replicate it. It's not just simply a good cut of meat and unique spices that make one of these sandwiches amazing. It's all to do with the process...

Via Buzzy's Luncheonette

One of the reasons Buzzy's knocks it out of the park is the fact that it takes 10 whole days to cure their meat. That's followed by an 8-hour smoking process and finally a three-hour steam before they actually cut into it. So, basically, the meat has a more luxurious lifestyle than half of the people lining up to eat it.

The Hungry Jew, a sandwich named after the deli's Jewish owner, is the star attraction. Not only does it have all of this beautiful meat, but it's also topped off with two crispy latkes, and a spritz of their homemade horseradish sauce. It barely fits between the two slices of marble rye... The sign of something truly special.

The luncheonette also offers a variety of takes on deli classics such as their Rubinowitz, a specialized take on the iconic "Reuben", a cream-cheese bagel with a tower of smoked salmon, and a grilled cheese sandwich with smoked meat goodness.

The Montreal-style deli is decorated with old jokes which seems appropriate since the owner, Howard Busgang (hence "Buzzy's"), has spent most of his life as a comedian and screenwriter. In fact, he's penned many episodes of Boy Meets World, a show that every Canadian Millennial grew up with.

Buzzy's is located at unit 122, 149 Fulford Ganges Road, along the main drag of this beautiful B.C. tourist destination. It's open from 10 AM until 3 PM Tuesday - Saturday.

If you haven't visited the island, or haven't been in a while, make sure you hop on a ferry and check out Buzzy's. After all, it may be far easier than traveling all the way to Montreal just to get decent smoked meat.

Via Buzzy's Luncheonette

You can find out more about Buzzy's Luncheonette on their Facebook page found here.

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