It's summer. It's sunny and warm and an unreal time to do things outside. But maybe you're a little too boozed out from last weekend. Or maybe you're in the mood to just hang out with friends and casually sip craft beer without the bar setting. Maybe you're in a competitive mood and want to crush your friends in any board game they choose. Yes. Definitely the latter. 

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In that case, you should definitely head to West End Games Night! They're taking over the Jim Deva Plaza on Bute and Davie and turning it into a street-long games night from 5-9pm. 

via @jennyfritz

The plaza will feature giant Jenga, hex-a-pong (six-person ping pong) and local musicians and DJ's playing all night long. Cause apparently regular Jenga wasn't enough. And they had to be so extra as to make ping pong a six person game. But don't lie, you're all for it. 

They'll also have every other board game you can think of. That includes Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Citadel and all the classics. Don't know how to play? They've got people on site to teach you how! 

via @jimdevaplaza

The street will be full of outdoor patio-style seating, enough room for games and free snacks! In the mood for a drink? No worries, as they'll be serving up $3 craft beer.

The event takes place on July 27th, from 5 PM to 9 PM at 1200 Bute Street. For more info, you can check out their Facebook page here