This Surreal Lake Only A Few Hours From Vancouver Is Worth Visiting This Summer

Just about about a 2 hour drive outside of Vancouver, between Chilliwack and Hope, is a breathtaking pristine lake against a majestic mountain backdrop.

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A true embodiment of the Pacific Northwest, Jones Lake, also known as Wahleach Lake, is the perfect distance for a short day trip and the perfect place to getaway.

Take a dip into the clear lake, go for a hike around mother nature, or even go kayaking - it's all here.  And may I include, the scenery is absolutely perfect for the 'gram.

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There are multiple campsites at Jones Lake with picnic tables and outhouses. You're also totally allowed to set up a campfire here and get those warm summer nights started.

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And if you're planning to stay a little later, make sure you stay until the evening is dark, look up at the skies and be in awe of the glorious starry night sky.

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So whether you're planning to camp here for the entire weekend, or just do a little day trip, Jones Lake will bring you the most beautiful memories of your squad and the beauty of BC.

Note: Please be kind to the environment and always clean up after yourself. There have been reports of heavy littering in the area. Don't be that guy.

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