With the longer days and warmer temperatures of summer, it's the best time to take advantage of BC's best features. Food and city life aside, I'm talking about the incredible backyard that a lot of us call home. We're lucky enough to have a great outdoor scene for exploring. 

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Shannon Falls in Squamish is perfect for novice and expert hikers alike. Not only that, but it makes for an amazing day trip. At 335 metres tall, it's the third highest waterfall in BC. 

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For those who wish to take simply take in the view or pass by, the main Shannon Falls trail is only several hundred metres by trail from the parking area. The reward is beautiful though, as you're granted an eye-dropping view of the waterfall. 

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It's also a prime pit-stop for those travelling to Whistler! For those not on the North Shore, the drive up to Whistler can be surprisingly tedious. Shannon Falls' main hike however, only takes 20-30 minutes at best, being the perfect way to stretch your legs!

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For those who want a longer, more challenging hike, there are also two options accessible right from Shannon falls! The trail also connects to the infamous Chief and Upper Shannon Falls! The Stawamus Chief is 3km in round trip, quite similar to the Grouse Grind. Upper Shannon Falls is 7km in round trip and gets you very up-close and personal with the waterfall itself!

All trails have opened for the summer! For the brave of heart, Shannon Falls is also home to world class rock-climbing! They also have free parking, picnic sites and are dog friendly!