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This Sushi Spot In Vancouver Serves Epic Poké Pancakes And They Look Incredible

Now this is a food trend we haven't heard of yet.
This Sushi Spot In Vancouver Serves Epic Poké Pancakes And They Look Incredible

Everyone goes crazy for pancakes and poké, so Riz Sushi and Poké decided to combine the two. Their main business is catering, but they serve up lunch and dinner at their shop too. They've catered to clients like Deadpool, Riverdale, Supernatural, Lucifer and The Flash. I mean, if the cast of Deadpool has eaten sushi from this Vancouver spot, that's pretty cool right? Anything to feel a little closer to Ryan Reynolds...

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At Riz Sushi, you can find menu items like classic sushi combos, hot-soup udon, teriyaki, poké bowls and POKÉ PANCAKES on their menu.

Riz Sushi originally announced that this Poké Pancake deal started out as a joke... but it grew so much popularity that they decided to sell it. Heck-- it's a strange combo, but the presentation sure looks appetizing!

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In Japan, a popular style of food are savoury pancakes called Okonomiyaki. It's an easy and delicious delicacy and Okonomiyaki literally means 'grilled as you like it.' It's made from seasoned flour, cabbage and variety of fresh meats and vegetables mixed together and fried lightly in a frying pan, just like a North American pancake! 

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Tasters said the pancakes were 'fluffy and sweet' and surprisingly complimented the sashimi very well and it was very filling! 

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Aside from this incredibly epic food creation, they also serve fried chicken and bubble waffles, which has been done before but let's be real-- who doesn't love Japanese fried chicken? 

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If you can already guess the vibe of this business through their food, you can sense it speaks to the millenials. Their cool interior decor reflects their vibe too. Inside their store, they have this epic mural on the wall of loads of iconic artists. You can even find Kanye kissing Kanye on this mural. Can you spot it in the photo below?

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Riz Sushi is located at 2887 E Broadway in East Vancouver, and they are open on weekdays from 12pm until 8pm. You can eat in, take out and they also offer delivery. You can make an order or get more details on their website.

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