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This Swimming Hole In Vancouver Needs To Be On Your Summer Bucket List

If you have a day to spare but don’t want to travel too far out of Vancouver, here we have a swimming hole that will be the place you will return to again and again this summer! 

This swimming hole tucked away in one of North Vancouver’s most popular parks is the perfect place to relax and hang out with friends - with its clear, serene water, you will be able to spend the entire day here.

The 30 Foot Pool is located in Lynn Canyon Park - with most people coming to view the popular suspension bridge, not everyone knows that there is a natural swimming pool hidden inside the park. 

The pool is on route to the Pipe Bridge which crosses the canyon and leads to the top of Lynn Valley Road. There is also a lookout point on the stairwell, with a great view of the pool and its surrounding area! 

The water is crystal clear, and on a hot summer's day, there are places to sit in the shade on the rocks along the river making it one of the best summer hang out spots in North Vancouver. 

To reach the 30 Foot Pool, cross the suspension bridge in Lynn Canyon Park and take the first trail on your left. If you continue along the trail that follows the river, after approximately ten minutes you will arrive at the pool. Enjoy! 

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