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This Tiny Town In Vancouver Will Turn Into An Enchanted Christmas Village This Winter

Snowy village, thousands of twinkling lights and a carousel!
This Tiny Town In Vancouver Will Turn Into An Enchanted Christmas Village This Winter
Editorial Operations Manager

You are invited to wander the magical grounds of a tiny Christmas Village in Vancouver this winter. This village will transport you to a winter wonderland filled with thousands of twinkling lights, beautifully decorated shops and you can even take a ride on their fully functioning Christmas carousel.

Grab some hot chocolates and warm spiced ciders from their cute on-site eatery and begin to explore this Christmas themed town. You can walk all across the grounds (which is pretty huge), go inside all of the shops and stores, listen to musicians play Christmas tunes and you may even meet Saint Nicholas himself.

For many years, the Burnaby Village Museum has been putting on this magical Christmas experience called Heritage Christmas. This Christmas Village is located at 6501 Deer Lake Ave in Burnaby.

This winter wonderland experience opens next week! Heritage Christmas will be open daily Monday to Friday from November 25th to January 5th, with the exception of December 24th and 25th. If you're interested, admission is absolutely free! If you decide to take a ride on the carousel, tickets are $2.65 each.

OnSaturday, December 2nd from 4-9pm, you are invited to Bright In Burnaby. This is Burnaby Village Museum's official launch of the Christmas season. There will be a tree lighting ceremony and even some refreshments! Oh, and the tree is gigantic, so be prepared to snap a ton of pics. Now we just have to hope that it snows so it can look just as magical as last year!

For more information, visit their website.

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