We've all been waiting for the new Buddhaful to open - it's been under construction for months. Maybe you didn't know a second location was opening! Well... surprise! There's a second location opening. That means double the smoothies, double the bowls and double the treats.

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Buddhaful has completely outdone themselves with their new location. In addition to  their stellar lineup of smoothies and superfood, the decor and atmosphere are stunning. 

via @curiocityvancouver

The decor is West Coast inspired and it comes together to create a vibe that truly emulates BC's backyard. Between the oak tree stools and the wall of plants, it's a literal breath of fresh air. 

Oh and of course there's the swing set! Possibly the cutest, funnest and most insta-worthy thing in North Vancouver now (cue everyone wanting their own swing set in their room). 

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Never been to Buddhaful? Well here's the deal. Buddhaful is a quirky, plant-based juice bar that also features vegan and vegetarian fare! If you're hungry, you can grab their classic avocado and toast - or you can try one of their amazing house-made wraps. 

You can't visit without tasting one of their amazing smoothies either! We recommend either their 'Sweet'n'Sacred' (almond milk with chai spices, banana and dates) or their Lobo (almond milk with almond butter, hemp protein, banana and dates). 

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In addition to all that, you can find a small selection of trinkets, S'Well water bottles and other west-coast inspired goods for sale! So come hungry, leave happy, and remember to take an insta on the way!