Who doesn't love a good bargain when it comes to food? We've got the deets for you - there's a restaurant right here in Vancouver that is offering $5 bowls of ramen, together with a food challenge.

Yuu Ramen's ramen challenge is back again! Today and tomorrow, you'll be able to participate in the $5 ramen challenge at the establishment in Richmond.

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All you have to do is finish your regular sized ramen bowl - including the broth - in under ten minutes, and the bowl will only cost you five bucks!

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The challenge will be available in all of Yuu Ramen's flavours, including shoyu, shio (salt), tonkotsu, and miso.

They will also be introducing a brand new flavour, Godzilla Fire Ramen! You guessed it, this one is super spicy, so only for heat seekers! It will also come in two sizes, the solo challenge (for one person), or big bowl challenge (for two people).

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Additionally, everybody at the table will get $2 Calpis drinks, or a pitcher of Calpis for $5 - with flavours including original, green apple, lychee, peach, and passionfruit.

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This offer is only available today and tomorrow, so get in to Yuu Ramen located at #1118 - 3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, and complete the ramen challenge - secure those bragging rights!