Living in Vancouver includes the responsibility of being a dedicated foodie. It's part of the territory and if you're not there yet, you just haven't found the right places. With foods hailing from every country, nation and every fusion you can think of, it's hard not to be stuck in a permanent food coma. 

So what's better than the amazing food that we're talking about? Well how about getting it for a fraction of the price? We live for Happy Hour and with the right restaurant, and right group of people, it can literally be the best part of your day. 

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Our latest and greatest find happens to be none other than the River Rock Casino - we caught you off guard right? Well their Curve Lounge is offering some insane food deals for happy hour and we think that it HAS to be your next stop. 

From Monday to Friday, from 2-5 PM, they're offering a wide selection of food items for only $6! We're not talking about some bite-sized appys either, these are meals of themselves. 

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They've got your typical happy hour fare like: baked artichoke dip, chicken wings, and jalapeño poppers - but they also throw some note-worthy wild cards like their flatbreads, cheese fondue and Inari pockets! 

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In addition to their amazing food specials, you can grab a selection of wine for $7 and craft beer or highballs for $5! All that accompanied by live music - oh, and blackjack. Lots of blackjack. 

With all the food, drinks, and not to mention the Richmond Night Market just moments away, River Rock looks to be your one-stop shop for an instant food coma. More info can be found on their website, happy eating!