You would think that the Prime Minister of Canada would make far more money than the rest of Canadians. That may be true for most Canadians, but Kevin Desmond, the CEO of Vancouver's major transit system can't say the same.

Last year, Desmond's yearly earnings raised over $100,000 than the previous year, meaning he now officially makes more money than the Prime Minister. Just wait until you find out how much he made... it's shocking.

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Kevin Desmond is the CEO of TransLink. TransLink is the transit company for Metro Vancouver. They are the mass transportation system that serves thousands of Vancouverites every day throughout the Lower Mainland. The transportation system includes SkyTrains, buses and more!

Last year, Desmond made an incredible $407,000 dollars last year. Justin Trudeau reportedly earned around $350,000 last year. I guess it pays to be in the business of transportation. 

We recently reported on how the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is looking to hire a new CEO. The reported salary is $247,556.40 to $356,046.60... The CEO of Translink gets paid even more than that!

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But before you go ahead thinking that Desmond keeps all the money for himself, we know that TransLink employees rake in a lot of cash. TransLink officers reportedly get paid over $100,000 a year! 

The President of BC Rapids Transit Company Vivienne King made a whopping  $316,000 last year. Transit Police Chief Doug DePard made $209,000 last year. 

It sounds like TransLink employees are definitely well taken care of. 

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TransLink recently expanded their line of SkyTrains further into the suburbs, which means that they've been hiring more and more Vancouverites! TransLink also recently signed a $298 million dollar contract that will be spent on adding 28 brand new SkyTrain cars by early 2019 and another additional 28 SkyTrain cars by late 2019. Another 24 cars will be added by 2020. 

Source: Global News, 604 Now