No visit to Whistler is considered complete without an evening at the Bearfoot Bistro, as it offers not only a spectacular dining experience but as they call it, a culinary journey. At Bearfoot Bistro, you can fine dine with beautiful plates, enjoy a bougie bottle of champagne or visit their famous Ketel One Ice Room, which is the coldest vodka tasting room in the world! 

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The Ketel One Ice Room inside the Bearfoot Bistro is -32C (-25F) and provides the most pristine and optimal degree-weather and atmosphere for drinking vodka. Staff at the Bearfoot Bistro offers guests the opportunity to sample a wide array of premium vodkas around the world, and also teaches guests how the distillation, filtration and grain processes work! Each product is truly unique and guests say they don't feel the burning sensation you get from drinking vodka, and it is is the 'smoothest you'll ever taste.' 

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It's definitely an eclectic type of social gathering, as most people don't jump at the opportunity to willingly walk inside a frozen ice box. However, the folks at this Vodka Bar have curated this frozen experience into an exhilarating adventure... they provide Canada Goose parkas (ditch the blankets they give you at other bars, this is the world's coldest ice bar... you deserve Canada Goose) and over fifty vodkas from across the globe. 

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Dressed in your arctic-ready parkas, you will feel warm and comfortable as vodka experts explain the background behind the intricate distillation of vodka. The vodka tasting experience is $48, and allows you to taste four vodkas of your choice. You can experience what it's like to drink vodka in extreme tempatures, without the alcohol burn. 

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The space is totally IG-Worthy too, lighted in blue/violet hues. It's a very cool space, great for snapping memorable photos with all your friends. All you need is a little sense of adventure (and a parka). 

For more info, please visit Bearfoot Bistro's website.