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This Wooden Cabin Bar In Vancouver Is The Coziest Place To Go Drinking This Winter

Some of us are lucky enough to own ski cabins in Kelowna or winter chalets in Kamloops, and some of us aren't. But to all those who don't own a winter escape, not to worry! Who needs a cabin six hours away when you've got one right in your own backyard?

The Black Lodge, located just off the corner of Kingsway and Fraser, is going to become your new go-to bar to cozy up with a hot cup of boozy cocoa this winter... if it isn't already.

via @spiritwanga

Let's just start by talking about the interior - it is absolutely adorable. The tables are made from slabs of tree trunks, the bar looks like a snow-capped ski lodge, and the walls are decked out in nature-themed wallpaper to make you feel like you're surrounded by wilderness ... absolutely genius. They even have a second location that just opened up on Broadway with booths that look like mini cabins.

Can I also just take a minute to mention that they have amazing cocktails and punchbowls? Especially their Sailor Jerry Float - vanilla ice cream, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, and coke. How has nobody else come up with that yet?

via @theblacklodgevancouver

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The Black Lodge may have more of a bar feel, but they definitely serve restaurant quality food. With hearty items like the Poutine Dog and Starry Night Chili Bowl, you'll be warmed up from the winter chills in no time.

The original Black Lodge is located at 630 Kingsway and the new location is at 317 E Broadway. They're open Sunday to Wednesday 5:30PM to 12AM, Thursday until 1AM, and Friday to Saturday until 2AM.

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