According to Environment Canada, this is the coldest Valentines Day Vancouver has ever had in recorded history! In fact, it’s so cold that we could be seeing up to 10 cm of snow today accompanied by some freezing rain. While it isn’t unusual to be this cold given the recent frigid weather conditions, it is abnormal to have a Valentine's Day that's this cold. 

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Even though Valentines Day gives you all kinds of warm feelings, the outdoors are still freezing. According to a recent tweet from YVR Weather Records, today is the coldest Valentine's Day in Vancouver’s recent history. Coming in at -8.5 Celsius, we have officially broken over 80 years of recorded weather. 

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This is the coldest Valentine's Day since 1937 when weather records first began. Be sure you stay bundled up, Vancouver has the potential to get colder. A recent weather statement issued by Environment Canada is calling for up to 10 cm of snow and freezing rain. Maybe you should take your Valentine's Day plans inside.

With a ~6am min of -8.5°C, today is #Vancouver's coldest Valentine's Day since records began in 1937. #YvrWx

February 14, 2019

This isn’t the only recent record Vancouver has broken for extreme weather. Just last week The Weather Network issued a statement stating Vancouver and Vancouver Island has not seen this much snowfall in over a decade. In fact, all of BC hasn’t seen this much snow since the epic blizzard of 2008!

While cold weather like this can be a bummer, it is a pretty good day for it to fall on. Now you have the perfect excuse to stay home and curl up with the one you love. 

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It's also the perfect excuse to use to cancel a date you never wanted to go on in the first place! 

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Whether you are taking our Valentine's Day plans out in the cold, or curling up at home to watch some rom coms on Netflix, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, Vancouver. And if your heart is feeling as cold as it is outside, just watch these adorable Vancouver Aquarium otters receive a Valentines Day gift. It is sure to make you melt. 

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