Vancouver is a mecca for food and foodies. But in this over saturated city of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, the underdogs can sometimes be forgotten.

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So I guess these restaurants aren't exactly "secret" (because otherwise nobody would know them and they'd have to file for bankruptcy), but they're definitely a couple of spots in the city that are slightly "lesser-known". But possibly "lesser-known" for good reason. I mean, damn, if I wasn't writing this article I probably wouldn't tell you either, these spots are my precious little gems!

But on to spilling the secrets...

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1. The Anchor Eatery // 1520 Marine Dr.

A cozy, low-key neighbourhood joint owned and run by two local, young women: Andrea Nelson and Natasha Romero. Serving up fresh west coast eats with vegan, raw, dairy free and gluten free options. With tuna poke bowls super fresh and acai bowls I would eat till' death. The Anchor Eatery is doing too many things right. Oh, and did I mention that they're located 10 seconds away from the beach?

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2. Sushi K Kamizato // 2850 Shaughnessy St.

Located at a strip mall in the middle of nowhere Port Coquitlam, Sushi K Kamizato doesn't look like much, but oh boy, were you ever wrong. Run by Chef Keith Kamizato and his wife, Chika, this hidden gem is a rock 'n' roll and sushi connoisseur's heaven. With Chef Keith's freshly chosen fish, constantly changing Chef's Menu of unique sushi creations, and rock music playing in the background, Sushi K Kamizato will welcome you with open arms...quite literally. The staff here are way too nice.

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3. Il Castello Pizzeria // 119 East 2nd St.

In an unassuming brown stucco building, Il Castello doesn't turn heads, but their pizza can definitely turn a frown upside down. Not only have they mastered the classics like their Margherita pizza, but their unique creations, like their Salsiccia pizza with smoked onion sauce and their Zucca pizza with butternut squash, have made faithful fans out of my picky taste buds. Baked in a flaming hot brick oven, their pizza is crisped to perfection.

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4. Frites // 1011 Granville St.

You probably subconsciously know of this place because you stumbled upon this hole in the wall on Granville St. during you're 3 A.M. escapade for greasy food after a night out. But as soon as you sobered up, you forgot. You also probably forgot how good it was. So please allow me to remind you: your night probably included pad thai frites, double-layered kalbi beef poutine, bacon and pulled pork poutine, crispy chicken poutine, and/or jumbo Montreal smoked meat poutine. I think it's safe to say that Frites' poutine probably does steroids.

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5. Scandilicous // 25 Victoria Dr.

At the intersection of nothing and nowhere, neighbouring a recycling depot and an auto repairs shop, is a little inconspicuous Scandinavian waffle joint called Scandilicious. Serving up some of the best all day breakfasts, complete with fried chicken and waffles, and my personal favourite, an apple, bacon, brie and avocado waffle, Scandi's has got a little something for everyone.

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6.  Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant // 551 Howe St.

Alright, maybe most of you who have day jobs around the Bentall area knows this lunch spot like the back of your hand, but guaranteed that the rest of Vancouver probably has no idea where or what this place serves. With a name like Cafe Joyeaux, you're probably not sure what to expect, but as soon as you've had their pho it will be the only thing you know to expect. Heart-warming soup and sweet, sweet ice coffee, perfect for that cloudy, rainy Vancity weather

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