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Vancouver Tourists Are Taking Cherry Blossom Photos In This Neighbourhood And It's Causing Chaos

The lengths people go to get the perfect shot is ridiculous.
Staff Writer
Vancouver Tourists Are Taking Cherry Blossom Photos In This Neighbourhood And It's Causing Chaos

It’s that time of year again. Cherry blossoms are now out in full force all over Vancouver. Every year, thousands of people try to get the perfect shot of these beautiful flowers. In one particular neighbourhood inVancouver, tourists are flooding in to take pictures with cherry blossoms.

In fact, there are so many people that visit this one particular area that an Instagram account has been set up to show us what we look like while trying to get the perfect shot! It’s hilarious and something you just have to see. 

Cherry blossoms only bloom once a year. During this time, thousands of people flock to different areas of Vancouver to get the perfect picture. In fact, many tourists and Vancouverites will do anything to get the perfect snap! 

There have been so many tourists and Vancouverites entering this one neighbourhood, that a local resident has taken it upon themselves to start an Instagram account just to document it. Each post on the account shows just how ridiculous we all look trying to get the perfect shot. The Instagram posts are hilarious and while it pokes fun at all of us, there is no harm done. 

The Instagram account is run by Lele Chan, a Vancouver calligrapher. She lives in the neighbourhood that is absolutely overrun by cherry blossoms. But because she lives on such a beautiful street, she also has lots of visitors. 

Starting in 2013, Chan used the hashtag #cherryblossommadness accompanied by the corresponding year to show everyone how weird we look trying to take pictures with trees in Vancouver. In 2016, she decided to give the madness its own Instagram account.

Since then, she has over 300 pictures of people doing the most ridiculous things for the gram. With a new season of cherry blossoms in full spring, Chan’s account is blowing up with ridiculous photos.

These pictures give us an outsiders perspective of how crazy we all look taking the perfect shot. From laying on the ground or throwing pedals in the air, to sports cars and full camera equipment, you can’t help but laugh. All the photos are captured from her living room window. 

While this is no doubt a beautiful spot to take pictures, Chan is incredibly secretive about where her neighbourhood is located. The area is already overrun by tourists and visitors, the last thing Chan wants to do is plaster the address. We can say that the neighbourhood is definitely in the Vancouver area.

If you are one of the many people looking for that perfect cherry blossom shot, be sure to visit the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website. Here you will find an interactive map that shows all the places around the city that have blooms.

If you are one of the lucky ones that have found the place, good for you! While everyone wants that perfect shot, remember to be respectful. These trees are in a neighbourhood in which people live. No stepping on lawns, no entering homes, and be gentle enough with the trees so everyone can enjoy them until the season is finished. 

For now, the neighbourhood remains a secret. If you do already know where it is, then you're one of the lucky ones!

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