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TransLink's New $100 Million Green Investment Means More Bike Paths For Vancouver

The city is getting even more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.
TransLink's Bike Path Investment Is $100 Million And Will Make Vancouver More Green

Cyclists and pedestrians across Vancouver can rejoice. Translink revealed that they are investing $100 million into the province’s transportation infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Soon, there will be a ton of new pedestrian crossing and bike paths pop up across the city. TransLink's bike path investment is about $100 million and it's part of the company's green initiative.

The nearly $100 million awarded this year will help construct and improve 76 projects throughout the region while helping to maintain over 2,700 kilometres of road lanes. You can find out more about all the projects in the works on TransLink's website.

Since the inception of the 10-Year Mayors’ Plan, TransLink has increased funding toward improving and maintaining regional walkways and cycle paths, according to a press statement released by Translink, in an effort to make the region's public transportation system environmentally friendly.

“The role that we play in creating a more livable, prosperous region goes far beyond transit,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond, in a statement.

 “Our job is to connect people and communities by improving accessibility and connections in any way possible. Whether you walk, cycle, drive, or take transit, this program helps everyone move more efficiently around the region,” said Desmond. 

In a recent TransLink study comparing data between the period of 2011 and 2017, the share of regional walking and cycling trips increased by four percent, replacing a four percent decrease in the share of driving trips. 

Since 2017, Translink has already invested in 25 kilometres of new or upgraded walking paths, in addition to investing in 102 kilometres of new or upgraded cycle paths, according to data released in a press release. 

This $100 million investment in upgrades and maintenance to walkways and cycle paths is a way of satisfying the region’s increasing demand posed by pedestrians and cyclists.

“Cycling is one of the fastest-growing modes of transportation across Metro Vancouver. TransLink’s continued investment in all modes of active transportation, especially cycling, will be instrumental in reducing road congestion,” said Derik Wenman, the President of HUB Cycling in a statement. 

“HUB Cycling encourages TransLink to continue increasing investment in cycling to ensure environmentally and economically healthier communities, “ continued Wenman. 

Translink won an award for being the best transit system in all of North American recently, despite growing tensions between TransLink and its employees.

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