Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in British Columbia on Tuesday, September 24 and his campaign hit a bit of a snag. A bus full of accredited members of the media following the Trudeau campaign was attempting to pull into the parking lot when the bus they were riding got totally stuck. At one point, the Trudeau campaign media were reportedly asked to get out and help push.

Journalist Andrew Lawton was on site when Busgate was occurring and said over twitter to Narcity that the bus was stuck for close to 90 minutes. "It never even made it into the parking lot, so it sat there partially blocking the road. Thankfully RCMP had enough manpower to block off that section of the road and redirect traffic."

This isn't the first time that Trudeau's buses have experienced logistical issues. Earlier this month, Trudeau's election plane was struck by a bus during a campaign stop in Victoria, B.C. The wing of the plane appeared to be damaged as a result of the collision. 

Lawton said, "we all felt bad for the driver. The media were brought off the bus and found the whole thing rather amusing." The stuck bus created a backlog of traffic behind it which may have led to the 30-minute delay of Trudeau's press conference this morning in Burnaby. 

Abigail Bimman with Global News tweeted a video of the incident and it shows six people out trying to push the massive bus to no avail.

Journalists live-tweeted Busgate and some of the videos have tens of thousands of views. Reactions are pouring in from Canadians who seem to find the incident hilarious.

The bus finally got unstuck after almost 90-minutes of being caught in between the road and the parking lot and the press conference began about 30-minutes behind schedule. Responses to the announcements Trudeau made at the conference were met with a ruthless response from the NDP.

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