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Trump Sundae In Vancouver Taste Test: It Was So Over The Top We Couldn't Finish

No one does over-the-top like the Trump Hotel, and their latest creation is certainly no exception. This massive mountain of ice cream, candy, cereal, donuts, and more nearly killed us when we tried it. You and your army of ice cream lovers have got to try the enormous Trump Sundae in Vancouver if you love a food challenge.

The colossus is part of the Trump Champagne Lounge's dessert collection by pastry chef Fumiko Moreton.

It's also only available in Vancouver, so add it to your bucket list next time you're in town, foodies.

A towering 24 scoops of vanilla, strawberry, and rich chocolate frozen dairy goodness, it boasts everything from cotton candy to pineapple and cantaloupes.

According to the Champagne Lounge staff, the treat serves four but it could easily be enough for up to eight people. It also takes half an hour for the kitchen to put it together.

This monstrosity is made of an outrageous amount of the poor man's gelato, topped with whipped cream, fruit, candy, cotton candy, donuts, chocolate sauce, and cereal.

The sundae is just one of the many fantastical creations from the Trump Champagne Lounge.

For the sake of journalism, we actually tried this thing. And oh my god — that was a lot.

It was one of those things that was so beautiful, it hurt to eat. And, like most modern art, we didn't know where to start.

We decided the cotton candy was the safest way to begin; any lower and it might topple over Jenga-style and crush us to death.

Outside of the PNE, how often do you get to taste cotton candy? After that, we moved on to the donuts, which we would have liked better if they were hot and fresh.

In my opinion, the fruit made the best topping. It just paired well with the sundae substance and cut down on the sweetness a little.

At long last, we finally made it onto the main course. And, after scooping heaping servings into our bowls, we dug in.

The ice cream was good. It was light and smooth and made a good vessel for all the toppings. Plus, the cereal made a great addition to it, adding a nice texture and crunch.

Then, I bit into one of the gummies laced throughout like landmines and nearly blew a tooth.

It turns out that not everything belongs in a sundae. While most of the toppings meshed well, the gummies were turned into little pebbles by the cold.

In the end, the four of us were able to get through a little over half before collapsing, exhausted, deemed unworthy by the mammoth dessert.

While no single ingredient was super remarkable taste-wise, it has a breathtaking presentation.

Now, should you pay the full $120 to taste it? If you'll do anything for the 'gram and you have a massive sweet tooth, you should definitely try and defeat this beast.

The Trump Sundae

Price: $120

Address: The Trump Champagne Lounge, 1161 Georgia St. W., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: To check out this giant mountain of ice cream for yourself, and get bragging rights.

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