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Two Canadian Truckers Got Into A Road Rage Screaming Match On A BC Highway And The Story Is Wild

B.C. truckers are not afraid to call you out, especially if you're a terrible driver!
Two Canadian Truckers Got Into A Road Rage Screaming Match On A BC Highway And The Story Is Wild

Canadian drivers know that cruising down the highway can be stressful, even when weather conditions are perfect and other drivers are following the rules of the road. Still, add in the darkness of night and operating a giant 18 wheeler truck, it's easy to see how truck drivers have an exceptionally stressful job. 

Not only are there pressures of getting your delivery from point A to point B, but there is also the worry of safety on the road. That's why when a truck driver on a British Columbia highway noticed another logging driver pull an unsafe move, he called him out right away. 

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Be warned that the video does have some explicit language used out of frustration by the unsafe driver. At around 1:20 in the video, you can see a logging truck speed past the truck recording the driving route. Even though the road lines indicate that no one should be passing on either side, the logging truck speeds past. 

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The driver recording flashes his high beams at the logging driver about 10 seconds later from 1:36 until 1:41. At 1:51 you can hear the truck driver turn down his radio station and declare (in typical Canadian fashion) "holy f*ck, what a goof!" While at first, it seems like the logging driver is going to follow the rules of the road, the video continues to show him slowing down randomly before picking up some crazy speed. 

Via Hal Kael l YouTube

At the 2:20 mark in the video you can hear another person come over the radio and ask what's going on with the log truck. After explaining why he flashed his high beams, the other person on the radio calls the driver ignorant and makes a remark about how unsafe driving over 120 km/h is when driving a truck that size

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The driver recording the incident says at 2:50 that he also previously drove logs but got out of it because of reckless drivers like the one captured in the video. But that's when the log driver decides that he has enough of being bashed and steps in to defend himself.

Via Hal Kael l YouTube

It's not until 3:00 minutes into the video when the logging driver gets on the radio to call out the other drivers calling him a "goof." He retaliates back and then says he's going to come back to "knock your head off, you f**king goof" after being criticized that he was driving too fast. While the driver recording doesn't take him seriously, the logging driver fully stops and completely blocks the right lane of traffic. 

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The logger proceeds to get out of his truck, walk up to the driver recording and kick his front bumper three times before getting back in his vehicle.  You can also see multiple drivers trying to pass the logging truck because it completely stopped traffic. The video ends with multiple truckers calling the police to report the wild incident.

While it's lucky that no one was hurt, the video definitely shows you just how wild drivers on the road can be in Canada. Not only is the driving completely wild but some truck drivers also have attitudes about their road safety even when it is crazy reckless.

Of course, it is hilarious that these B.C. truckers had quite the road rage incident. Here's hoping they don't run into any "goofs" on the road anytime soon. 

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