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Two New East Van Breweries Are Opening in 2017

Forget you, Molson Brewery.
Two New East Van Breweries Are Opening in 2017

Name something Vancouverites love more than locally made craft beer. I'll wait. Let's face it, even if beer isn't "your thing" you've been to a brewery in town because duh. It's for that reason that Vancouver is seeing a growth in microbreweries all across the city but the Mecca of Vancouver's craft beer is and always will be in East Vancouver.

Home to Strange Fellows, Main Street Brewing Company, Brassneck and more, East Vancouver has dominated the beer scene but they show no signs of slowing down. We pride ourselves on making the best craft beer in Canada and are home to over 60 breweries (not to mention the other 50+ breweries across BC). Craft beer isn't going anywhere anytime soon and which is why these two brewing companies are entering the game at exactly the right time.

Read along to see why you need to check them out in 2017. 

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via @andinabrewingco

via @andinabrewingco

Andina Brewing Co. // 1507 Powell St

Una cerveza por favor!! Get ready for a South American experience delivered to you in East Vancouver. Opening February 2017 in a can't-miss bright yellow building and combining flavours from South America and British Columbia, Andina is introducing Vancouver to a whole other side of craft beer.

Brothers Andrés and Nicolás Amaya co-founded the brewery and using Latin inspiration, their enormous space will be complete with a full tasting room, kitchen, growler fill station, and a stage for live music. Spoiler: they plan to put ceviche on the menu for a "great Andean experience in [...] East Vancouver."

Brewmaster, Andrew Powers who has worked for Red Truck brewing the last couple of years, has taken on the role as Head Brewer at Andina. His passion for beer began during his undergrad and he decided to pursue his passion ever since.

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East Van Brewing Co. // Undisclosed location

A work in prog. Branded for its namesake, East Van Brew is inspired by its community and thus have decided to take their beer from distribution to brewery. Currently being built in an undisclosed East Vancouver location, the team teases their following with construction shots and updates on their social media pages.

As they hope to be ready for March, there is still no definite timeline for completion but as we all know, good things happen to those who wait. Until then, you can still find EVBC brew at local pubs including Stateside Craft, The Two Lions Pub, The London Pub, Manchester, and Narrows Public House.

It has been announced that Steamworks and Deep Cove Brewing vet, James Labbe will be the Brewmaster at EVBC.

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