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Two People Found Dead After A Two-Day Hostage Situation In Metro Vancouver

Two people have died after being a hostage situation that lasted two days in Surrey, BC.

Police in BC are now currently dealing with two dead bodies following a hostage situation in Metro Vancouver that lasted two days. The hostage was allegedly held in a Metro Vancouver home located in Surrey. During the initial investigation, the suspect was injured and died from the wounds. Police are now investigating the incident.

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On the night of Thursday, March 28, Surrey RCMP received a call that a woman was allegedly being held hostage in a home. The incident reportedly took place in the Central City area of Surrey, British Columbia overnight. 

On that same night, police also received a call that an armed man was potentially holding someone hostage at a home on 100A Avenue in Surrey. Police quickly attended the scene. Due to their presence, a standoff ensued between police and the suspect that lasted until the morning of the following day, Friday, March 29. During this time, police forced many surrounding residents to evacuate their properties. 

According to CTV News, police made multiple efforts to engage with the suspect in the home. They also tried to communicate with the female hostage before members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) showed up. ERT members entered the home at around 7:30 AM on Friday. 

Early this morning police responded to an incident at a residence in North Surrey. Police have the situation contained but ask residents to stay away from the area of 133 Street and 98A. Please stand by, a news release will be issued shortly. pic.twitter.com/16opedKzA3

March 29, 2019

Surrey RCMP have confirmed that a confrontation with the barricaded male suspect took place. During this time, the male sustained a fatal gunshot wound and was pronounced deceased on scene. 

When RCMP went inside the residence, they found the female hostage suffering from very serious injuries. First responders provided first aid treatment to the woman before she was rushed to the hospital. She later succumbed to her injuries. 

The incident is now being investigated by the Independent Investigations Office (IIO). The IIO is typically called when there is a serious injury or death due to police involvement. According to CTV News, the IIO investigation will determine if there is a link between the officer's actions and the death of the suspect that held the woman hostage. 

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Ron MacDonald with the IIO has told CityNews that they are currently trying to figure out the relationship between the two deceased individuals. “My understanding is that they were known to each other,” MacDonald told CityNews. 

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Although it was a dangerous situation, no officers have reported any injuries. Police are now asking people to stay away from the area while the investigation continues. They have said on Twitter that they will be issuing a news release about the incident soon.