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Uber Is Coming To BC This Fall But It May Only Be Able To Operate In One City

Uber already operates in a number of Canadian provinces.

Everyone in BC has been waiting, for what seems like forever, for Uber to finally come to the province. But now, reports are being made that BC's Uber may not be able to operate outside of Metro Vancouver all because of one reason. 

According to CBC News, Uber is saying that it may not be able to operate outside of Metro Vancouver, if they can’t get enough qualified drivers with a commercial licence. A spokesperson with Uber told CBC News that this will impact the company's decision to launch in BC. 

According to CBC News, the province has said that ride-hailing drivers must meet a number of requirements, including having a Class 4 license, just like the ones held by taxi drivers. This is different than the Class 5 licence that is typically held by motorists in the province. 

Uber spokesperson Michael van Hemmen told CBC News that licensing requirements will make it difficult for Uber to operate in rural areas of the province, as fewer people will hold a commercial Class 4 licence. 

The same spokesperson stated that a pilot project should be considered by BC to determine if drivers who currently hold a Class 5 license could receive extra training from Uber, to avoid receiving a Class 4 permit. It would then be determined if the driver is effective enough to satisfy safety concerns. 

Van Hemman told CBC News that it may be difficult for ride-hailing companies to do business in the province due to the need for a Class 4 licence. 

According to the BC government website, starting September 3, applications for ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft will start to be accepted by the province.

“Our plan has made it possible for ride-hailing companies to apply to enter the market this fall, with vehicles on the road later this year, while ensuring the safety of passengers and promoting accessibility options in the industry,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, in a BC government press release

As of now, in Canada, Uber already operates in several provinces - Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta.