Summer is definitely starting to wrap up in Vancouver, especially since today was the day they launched the Pumpkin Spice Latte! That didn't stop a few adorable Vancouver residents from making the most of their last days of summer by indulging in a surprise buffet of popsicles. Vancouver Aquarium Otters Tanu, Katmai and Rialto found the cutest way to stay cool.

The Vancouver Aquarium posted a video today on their social media channels of the otters frolicking, playing and slurping up icy treats. In the video, three fluffy sea otters emerge from their pool area to find a colourful summertime spread just for them.

The sea otters who live at the Aquarium were rescued when they were only babies. A team of staff had to bottle feed them and teach them how to take care of their signature fluffy coats. Now, they're thriving in their habitat and they often get spoiled with fishy treats.

According to reps on the Aquarium's Instagram page, the treats were made out of ice and clam paste and that the ice treats are "otterly delicious!" Watch the video to see all the adorableness in action!

This isn't the first time that the Aquarium's most adorable residents have been spoiled. Earlier this year, the otters were treated to a special Valentine's Day spread that said: "I Love You Like No Otter."

We're glad they had fun, but we'll pass on the fish popsicles for ourselves. Here's hoping that the otters continue to get love and attention like this every season.

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