The Otters At The Vancouver Aquarium Had The Cutest Reaction To Their Easter Surprise (VIDEO)

We can't handle the cuteness!
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The Otters At The Vancouver Aquarium Had The Cutest Reaction To Their Easter Surprise (VIDEO)

It’s almost the Easter long weekend and for many of us, that means some delicious chocolate treats. It looks like even the otters at the Vancouver Aquarium aren’t exempt from the Easter Bunny. A recent video showed that the Vancouver Aquarium otters received the cutest Easter surprise and it’s seriously adorable. 

Everyone knows that otters are the cutest things ever. But have you seen the ones at the Vancouver Aquarium? These cuties take the Internet by storm. Their energetic personalities and rowdy behaviour make them a constant source of entertainment. The aquarium has realized this and, for our viewing pleasure, started to post fun videos of the otters to brighten up our day. 

During Valentine's Day, the otters were lucky enough to receive a huge shrimp-filled heart. A video of them ravaging the food-filled present quickly went viral. Now, the aquarium is back with it again for the Easter holiday. 

A video posted by the Vancouver Aquarium today showed six rescued otters receiving an “eggstremely” adorable Easter surprise. In the video, you can see the otters being welcomed by a kiddie pool filled with Easter eggs. The eggs range in size and all are filled with tasty treats inside! 

It’s not long before the otters realize this and try to start cracking them open. Using their adorable little hands, you can see the otters trying to problem solve to get the food out. 

Arguably, the most adorable part takes place at the 40-second mark. Here, you can see one little guy holding an egg even bigger than himself. He is trying so hard to smash it on the ground and honestly, we can’t handle the cuteness.

Once the otters get into the eggs, tasty ice covered treats are their reward. The Vancouver Aquarium often does activities like this for the otters as part of their enrichment training. Not only do the otters get a tasty treat, but they also get to entertain themselves (and us) for hours! 

The otters aren’t the only adorable animals at the aquarium. Recently, the Vancouver Aquarium posted a series of adorable videos of their sloths. These slow-moving creates are hilarious and adorable all at the same time and people cannot get enough of them!

The otters, and the sloths, are lucky enough to call the Vancouver Aquarium home. Lucky for us Vancouverites, you can visit them anytime you want! The only thing they love more than snacks is visitors. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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