Possibly the cutest seal pup ever was rescued by the Vancouver Aquarium in January. Now fully recovered, the Vancouver Aquarium has released the rescued BC seal pup back to the wild. If this doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. 

Back in January of this year, Mo, a tiny starving northern fur seal, was rescued off the coast of BC. She was rescued near Hardwicke Island after employees at a Mowi salmon farming spotted her swimming irregularly. Apparently, she was unable to dive and float sideways. 

After admitting her into the Vancouver Aquarium’s care, it was determined that she was about seven months old, but was severely underweight for her age. 

Staff called Mo energetic and spirited which served her incredibly well in her rehabilitation process. Thankfully, through patience and perseverance, Mo made a successful recovery. So much so, that one July 3, 2019, Mo made her way back into the wild. 

According to an email sent by the Vancouver Aquarium to Narcity, she returned back into the ocean from a beach in Ucluelet. 

Before she headed out on her own into the big, scary world, Mo was fitted with a satellite transmitter. Mo is a smart girl and according to the transmitter, she headed straight for the open ocean.

In screenshots of a video sent by the Vancouver Aquarium, you can see staff open Mo's cage on the beach. Instincts swiftly kicked in and Mo ran straight into the water. 

The Vancouver Aquarium is known for saving wildlife whenever it can. Due to its conservation and educational efforts, the aquarium was named as one of the best aquariums in all of North America. 

Most recently, the aquarium rescued two adorable seal pups that were given the royal treatment. Named after the royal couple, Meghan Mackerel and Prince Herring are thriving under the aquarium's care despite their rough start at life. 

But the aquarium isn’t just known for seal pups! They have hundreds of aquatic animals on site. They even have two adorable sloths and a pack of energetic otters that are quite often the stars of the show!