It was an especially eventful night for one Vancouver apartment building. A 26-year-old Vancouver man threatened his neighbour with weapons, and then set his apartment on fire shortly after. Residents had to be evacuated and the suspect was eventually apprehended and arrested by the police. This Vancouver arrest took place on Wednesday night, April 29.

In an email to Narcity, the Vancouver Police Department laid out the details of what went down on Wednesday night. And from the looks of it, there was a lot. 

Emergency services first responded to a 911 call made from inside a suite at an apartment building at around 11 p.m. The apartment is located near Drake and Burrard Streets. 

The 911 caller was being threatened by the suspect "who was swinging a chain" at them. The suspect then threatened the victim with a knife. 

Fearing his safety, this 911 caller locked himself on the balcony of his suite. 

Following this encounter, the suspect barricaded himself inside the suite and used furniture and other items to block the door. 

Then he lit his mattress on fire. 

It's at that point when things really ramped up.

Residents in the apartment building had to be evacuated, with some officers "carrying the elderly and disabled down the stairs," the statement read. 

Meanwhile, Vancouver Police officers were able to rescue the 911 caller from his balcony and get him onto the ground.

Whereas many residents of the building had to be moved to a nearby hotel because of the water and fire damage in their suites. 

When the police approached the suspect, he had a chain wrapped around his hands and was said to be "aggressive" towards the police as they took him into custody. 

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"Bean bag shotgun rounds were used to allow officers to gain control and safely put the man in handcuffs before he injured himself or other police officers," the police stated. 

Yet eventually, he was taken into custody.

The statement goes to mention that the police are recommending multiple charges for this young Vancouverite, including but not limited to arson, forcible confinement, mischief, and assault. 

A video posted on Reddit page r/Vancouver depicts the scene at Drake and Burrard on Wednesday night.

As you can see, the emergency services staff turned up in full force. 

"This was a joint effort from our patrol officers, emergency response team and negotiators,” said Constable Tanya Visintin from Vancouver Police Department. 

The damage done to the suite by the suspect is being estimated to be above $500,000 at this time. 

The investigation is still ongoing, so the public is being told to come forward with any information.