You Can See The Vancouver Art Gallery Magically Illuminated This Fall For One Week Only

This festival is totally surreal 👾
You Can See The Vancouver Art Gallery Magically Illuminated This Fall For One Week Only

We're really going to miss the long days of summer but luckily, there's one good thing about night falling faster with fall approaching. The Vancouver Art Gallery is going to be magically lit up with works of art for one week only in September starting on Sunday. From sunset to midnight, you can watch this incredible immersive art show for free in downtown Vancouver.

Each night, the Façade Festival will bring dynamic works of art created specifically to be projected on the façade of the Art Gallery to illuminate the building. This isn't your average slide-show.

Using innovative projection mapping technology, the effect of the display creates a unique spatial experience. You're not just watching a show, it feels like you're being pulled into the experience.

Plus, you'll get the same vibes that you get when you go to watch an outdoor movie in the summer, except it's way fresher. There are so many outdoor movie events these days that it's hard to keep track, but this is Vancouver's only Façade Festival.

What's projection mapping exactly? It's an art form that bends reality. It can make any projection surface seem like it's a 3D object and it's totally trippy. Artists are using this new emerging tech to engage with sites like the Vancouver Art Gallery to rewrite reality into their own artistic vision.

The effect is stunning. There will be works from contemporary BC artists every night projected on the gallery, debuting two artists per night. The festival wraps up with an encore presentation of all the artists' work on Friday, Sept. 13 and Saturday, Sept. 14 — that could be the best night to go so you get a glimpse at all the unique displays put on by the Burrard Arts Foundation.

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The festival will feature works from these amazing artists: Dana Claxton, Sandeep Johal, Howie Tsui, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Justine Chambers, Josh Hite, Hyung-Min Yoon, Drew Young, Khan Lee, Natalie Purschwitz and Lindsay McIntyre.

There are always a ton of awesome events happening in this space and at the Art Gallery. We can't wait for the next FUSE adults-only after hours !

Façade Festival

Price: Free!

When: Sunday, Sept. 8 to Saturday, Sept. 14 from 7:30 p.m. to midnight each night.

Address: šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square (Georgia Street side of the Vancouver Art Gallery), 750 Hornby St., Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: See the gorgeous facade of the Vancouver Art Gallery magically illuminated with art every night during the festival.