Whoever thought to turn caesars into full-blown meals deserves a spot in the Canadian Hall of Fame. A much-beloved Canadian drink that typically contains vodka, Clamato, hot sauce, and Worchestershire sauce, caesars are usually served in a salt-rimmed glass and garnished with celery and lime. Fancier places include pepperoni sticks, jalapeños, and asparagus in their cocktails - but how about a whole grilled cheese sandwich, or deep fried pulled pork?

Score On Davie serves up caesars that include a whole dinner on top - and then some. The sports bar itself is unpretentious, a little noisy, and located on a prime stretch of Davie Street that is bustling from Thursday night well into Sunday morning. But the main selling point by far is their original, creative caesar creations - some of which might take hours, and the help of a couple UFC fighters, to finish.

Some of their insane caesars are geared more towards breakfast - topped with an egg, bacon, sausage and onion rings, and others definitely best ordered in place of dinner, including everything from hot chicken wings to cheeseburgers as "garnish."

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Check out their Checkmate Caesar, a $60 gluttonous creation that tops a spicy caesar with roasted chicken, a Score burger, a pulled pork Sriracha-glazed slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a pulled pork mac n' cheese hotdog, and a brownie for dessert.

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Be sure to bring a friend along - with the Checkmate Caesar adding up to a cool 5,000 calories, for once you might need a partner in crime to finish that drink.

Score On Davie is located at 1262 Davie Street, and open Monday-Friday 11am-late, and weekends 10am-late.