Vancouver’s ‘Blackout’ Extreme Fear Maze Looks Terrifying & The Warnings Alone Will Scare You

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Every Wednesday, Vancouver Horror Nights puts on their Blackout Maze and it looks downright terrifying.

You get one single glowstick to light your group's way through the maze and there are tons of warnings trying to prepare you for what's to come.

Vancouver Horror Nights

If you want to see just how scared you were, you can get a photo pass for $5. They give you photos of yourself throughout the maze, catching your reactions.

The Xtreme Fear Maze only goes Blackout on Wednesdays, but the regular attraction runs on other days of the week. It has 12 terrifying rooms that you'll have to make your way through.

It's located in a reportedly legit haunted place too — The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre was the scene of a gruesome murder in 1993, according to their website.

Since the murder of William Ronald Rudy there, who died from a hammer to his head at the hands of his business partner, the theatre has had some serious ghost sightings.

According to the website, "Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigators have done an extensive investigation and even have recordings of our real, actual ghosts."

So if the maze doesn't scare you, the real ghosts might.

After you get your heart racing, you can grab a drink at their Zombie Bar and some snacks.

‘Blackout’ Extreme Fear Maze

Price: $40 per person

When: On Wednesdays until Halloween

Why You Need To Go: It's a super fun group activity for the spooky season and is in a haunted location. It will scare even the toughest of the group.


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