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Vancouver Bloggers Are Raving About This New Dairy-Free Gelato Spot And We Are Too

As if downtown didn't have everything already.
Vancouver Bloggers Are Raving About This New Dairy-Free Gelato Spot And We Are Too

Vancouver is one of Canada's greatest cities for dining - mainly because we have everything. Anything you can think of, Vancouver has it in spades. Just walking downtown means immersing yourself in a food selection that you honestly have a hard time making decisions with. 

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Another plus about Vancouver is that it's one of the "easiest' cities to eat healthy and a little lactose intolerant in. Many restaurants are slowly beginning to expand and accommodate for a growing wave of healthy eaters and dairy-free diners; a number of specialty restaurants, cafes and boutiques are opening as well. 

via @umalumagelato

One of the latest hip eateries has opened its doors in Chinatown and it's the buzz between Vancouver food bloggers. Umaluma just opened at 235 East Pender, and it's taken the neighbourhood by storm. 

The 100% dairy-free Gelato spot opened earlier in the month and offers a trendy, funky dessert experience to an eclectic Chinatown dining scene. With a 1,200 sq. ft. dining area, as well as 16 seats and 20 flavours, you'll be hooked the moment you walk in. 

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Their base is completely dairy-free and composed of coconut, hemp, and cashew butter - all while maintaining the creamy texture of Gelato you know and love. So far the Gelato is a hit, gaining the love and approval of many of Vancouver's biggest food bloggers like Erin Ireland and Chloe's Countertop

They also deliver creative and unique flavours like: drunken cherry; strawberry malbec; lemongrass kaffir; and saffron orange, as well as the classics. And of course, you'll be able to take it home with you! 

via @umalumagelato

Umaluma has been open for just over a week now and it's the perfect time to try it before it blows up! They're open week long from 11 AM to 10 PM and they're right across the street from Vegan Supply Co!

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