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A Vancouver Taxi Drove Right Down A Bike Lane And This Is Why We Need Uber (VIDEO)

A cyclist was forced to leave the bike lane because of the taxi.
Vancouver Cab Driver Using The Bike Lane Is Why We Need Uber (VIDEO)

Driving in a big city is scary enough on a good day. One taxi in the city took it to the extreme this week. On Monday, Sept. 9 a video of a Vancouver cab driver using the bike lane was posted on social media. The video has since gotten a ton of attention on social media and people are saying that this is the exact reason why we need ride-sharing like Uber and Lyft. 

All people can talk about in Vancouver right now is getting Uber and Lyft. As of September this year, the provincial government has been accepting applications for ride-sharing companies to operate in the city. 

According to the Vancouver Sun, both the major ride-sharing companies have already sent the province an application to operate in B.C. 

This couldn’t have come at a better time as a video was posted on Monday, Sept. 9 that shows a Vancouver taxi driver going directly down a clearly marked bike lane that's restricted to vehicles.

People on social media are saying that it is about time we implement a different taxi service in the city. Between the cab drivers and regular road users, Vancouver traffic is getting scary

According to the video posted on Twitter by urban planner Nolan Lienhart, he got a private tour of the bike lanes in Vancouver. From a taxi. 

This illegal and dangerous activity was caught on video and shared by Lienhart. In the video, you can see the cab driver casually using the bike lanes on Dunsmuir right in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

“Got an unexpected tour of the Dunsmuir #Cycletrack from my taxi driver on the way to #Railvolution#Vancouver," wrote Lienhart. 

Lienhart’s video quickly received a number of concerned comments. In a follow-up tweet, Lienhart stated was pleased to see Vancouver invest in “protected facilities for cyclists” and was glad to see so many people in the comment section express concern. 

Lienhart followed up his viral video by saying that after the cab ride, he had wished Vancouver had Uber or Lyft as both would allow him to easily leave a complaint from the app.

"I made complaints to cab companies in other cities and it always felt like throwing my time into the wind,” wrote. Lienhart.   

While you can not see it in the video, Lienhart has stated that the cab driver actually encountered a cyclist who had to leave the lane and encounter regular traffic just to avoid the taxi. 

It’s difficult to tell who the cab driver works for as it was filmed from inside the vehicle. 

After seeing this video, everyone thinks Vancouver needs ride-sharing now more than ever. Most people aren’t even shocked by the behaviour, which is a scary thought. 

[rebelmouse-image 25947474 photo_credit="Screen Gab | Reddit" expand=1 original_size="281x81"]

[rebelmouse-image 25947475 photo_credit="Screen Grab | Reddit" expand=1 original_size="702x116"]

While no one knows the real reason as to why the taxi driver chose the bike lane, many are assuming that cab drivers no longer care as Uber and Lyft will soon take over. 

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This video didn’t just shock civilians. The Vancouver Police Department actually reached out to Lienhart about the incident. According to the tweet, the police department is going to be investigating. 

Narcity has reached out to the Vancouver Police Department for comment.

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