How far would you go to get an autograph from your favourite hockey player? It’s not unusual for fans to ask their sporting heroes to sign specific pieces of memorabilia for them, perhaps a team jersey, or a poster, or even a hockey puck! However, none of these things would have been enough for one Elias Pettersson superfan, who asked the Vancouver Canuck to sign his actual baby! Naturally, Canadians had something to say about it.

The video that showed Vancouver Canucks’ Elias Pettersson autographing someone’s baby was first shared on Twitter on Friday afternoon, when Cam Barra posted to say, “Elias Pettersson has already been signing lots of autographs here in Victoria... including one on this baby.”

The short clip showed the NHL superstar signing what appeared to be the body of a young child, who was being dangled over a ledge by a male adult. While the autograph-pursuit did look a little awkward, Canadians were quick to make light of the dedicated fan’s unconventional encounter.

In response to the original tweet, one Canadian NHL fan joked, “Wonder how much that baby is gonna go for on eBay?”

Another person made a similar joke, tweeting to say, “Great, now you can never wash that baby!"

One NHL fan responded to say that this wasn’t the first time that Elias Pettersson had signed a baby. Sharing a photo of a Canucks baby onesie in a protective memorabilia case, the Twitter user wrote, “Not his first time!  I put my kiddos' signed onesie under glass when they came to Kelowna last year. He added, “She was a good sport, but didn't like Virtanen haha!”

Despite the largely light-hearted responses, one Twitter user did make a comment regarding the baby’s safety during the encounter. The user responded to the original post to say, “Is it really worth dangling your kid over a ten foot railing when you can just take his jersey off for him to sign?”

However, the concern was quickly responded to by another NHL fan, who commented, “Petey (Elias Pettersson) would catch him if anything happened!”

This isn’t the first time that players from the Vancouver Canucks have been involved in a spot of baby-signing. Back in 2014, one small child was passed along a lengthy table of Canucks players, getting signed by almost the whole team!

While it may seem a little crazy to some people that a player would actually sign a baby, that child will probably grow up with some pretty cool memories with Elias Petterson! 

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