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Canucks Players Raced Their Dogs At Last Night's Game & It's Just Too Much (VIDEO)

Stop what you're doing. They all wore jerseys.
Vancouver Canucks' Dogs Raced On The Ice Last Night & The Video Is Perfection (VIDEO)

Your daily dose of cute is about to come at you. The Canucks played a home game last night and during the second intermission, the Vancouver Canucks' dogs took part in a dog race on the ice. If you weren’t at the game, don’t panic. You can still take in all the cuteness since the entire thing was caught on video. And yes, it’s beyond cute. 

On the evening of February 19, the Vancouver Canucks faced off against the Minnesota Wild. While the game ended in an intense shootout that saw the Wild take home the W, there was an epic half time show that we won't soon forget. 

Prior to the game, the Canucks announced on their Twitter page that a few of the players would be racing their dogs on the ice during the second intermission. 

In the video posted online by the NHL team, Bo Horvat, Tanner Pearson, Jordie Benn, Christopher Tanev, Adam Gaudette, and Troy Stecher decided that their dogs were going to go head to head and race across the ice. 

Some of the players were more optimistic than others and one even said that their dog was either going to run across the ice if they saw their mom or “take a dump in the middle of the ice.”

In the video, the teammates talk about their dogs and honestly, that alone is adorable. 

The boys discussed strategies that included bringing favourite toys or having the dog's moms stand at the other end of the ice.

Some were concerned that the dogs would not be able to get traction on the ice. 

Each of the player's dogs is incredibly different and if you were putting money on the race, it would have been difficult to decide which dog to go with. 

Finally, after all the tedious game playing, the second intermission rolled around and the dog race was about to begin. 

Each dog was announced over the speaker while hitting the ice and the audience got to know a unique quality about them including if they were a rescue or if they loved the water but didn't know how to swim.

We're looking at you, Gus. 

Coming out onto the ice was Gus Horvat, Emma Pearson, Lili Benn, Riley Tanev, Zeus Gaudette, and Phoebe Stecher. 

All sporting their own jerseys, these cuties were ready for action.

When it was time to run, only three of the dogs really took off. Pheobe had a strong lead against Zeus and Emma but eventually, Emma took home the gold. 

Needless to say, she was very excited but it’s safe to assume that she wasn’t entirely sure why everyone was cheering for her.

While Emma took home the win in literally seconds, the remaining dogs were still on the other side of the ice attempting to find the finish line. 

Riley the pug, for instance, didn’t even make it off the beginning carpet but we are still so proud of him. 

In fact, he tried to walk off the ice. Big mood, Riley. 

Regardless of who came in first, all the dogs did an amazing job and they are all so cute. 

People in the audience really seemed to enjoy the intermission show. How could you not? Dogs wearing clothes is what the internet was designed for. 

These dogs are like family members to the players.

Horvat even used his French bulldog, Gus, in his wife's pregnancy announcement

While the Canucks lost the game against the Wild, they are set to take to the ice again on Saturday where they will face off against the Boston Bruins. 

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