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Vancouver Canucks' Elias Pettersson: 9 Times He Proved He's Good At Everything

They may have never won the Stanley Cup before, but they've got one good thing going for them. Vancouver Canucks' Elias Pettersson is the team's wunderkind that can do no wrong. The 21-year-old Swedish NHL up-and-comer just scored his 50th career goal on Sunday, February 2 during a game against the Carolina Hurricanes, but there's more to him than just his points.

This is just his second NHL season but he's already making his mark. He might be originally from Sundsvall, Sweden but he's all Cancuk playing both the 2018-2019 and the 2019-2020 season with the Vancouver Canucks.

When you think of star NHL players, you might think of giant burly bruisers. Part of Pettersson's strength is that he's not those things.

He's smaller, he's faster, and he is good at everything he does. Plus, he's already gotten awards and recognition despite his career just beginning. 

From how he spends his days off to his on-ice magic shows, you'll be amazed by him even if you aren't a Canucks fan.

While the Battle of Alberta rages on, there's one team in the West that's making history.

Is Petey the G.O.A.T.? We think so. Here are nine times he proved he's good at everything he does:

He's Coordinated

Skating around the rink, while doing an interview, while bouncing a puck on his stick over and over — the coordination level is insane.

He's Canadian (Almost)

Even when he gets it wrong, he gets it right. Last fall, he hit a fan with a puck during warm-up that had hit the crossbar. He made it right by autographing a hat for them and wrote "sorry about the puck." Even though he's Swedish, this is so Canadian it hurts.

He's Not Afraid to Be Silly

He did a group costume for Halloween 2019 with fellow Canucks and was dressed from head to toe in a donkey costume.

He's Secretly a Superhero

Returning to the 2019-2020 season, Pettersson did a Captain America-style transformation and was almost unrecognizable.

He's Good With Kids

One time, in Victoria, he signed a baby that a superfan dangled over the ledge to meet him.

He Does it for the 'Gram

Petey proved he's not above being basic on Instagram when he posted photos of him checking out Vancouver's Capilano Suspension bridge looking hella stylish just like he's an influencer.

He's Got Flair on the Ice

That 50th NHL career goal could not have looked any cooler as he did it with a spin that showed off lightning-fast reflexes.

He Can Kick a Field Goal

On the eve of the 54th Superbowl, he showed off his American football skills and why are we still surprised that he's good at everything.

He's a True Friend

SportsNet's story about Pettersson's childhood friends being deported from Sweden is heartbreaking. They visited him in Vancouver recently and it will give you all the feels.

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