People love hockey for countless reasons. Whether it be a love for the sport, the competitive nature, or the feeling when your team gets a win, we can all agree that the community and support that come along with hockey is what makes it truly unique. You can consider our hockey hearts warmed after a sweet display of love on the ice during warmup before the Canucks played the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. Vancouver Canucks' Jacob Markstrom lost his father recently and Matt Murray of the Penguins skated over to show his support.

On November 10, Markstrom shared the news that his father had passed away from cancer. Markstrom, goalie for the Canucks, didn’t play in Wednesday night’s game, though he did suit up and warm up with his team.

During the warm-up, Matt Murray, the opposing goalie, skated over, crouched to where the Canuck was stretching and shared some well-wishes and a rub on the back.

The Penguins' goalie has also lost his father in January 2018.

Markstrom is from Sweden and is 29 years old. He’s also spent some of his NHL career with the Florida Panthers. As a well-loved Canuck, he received an outpouring of support with news of his father’s passing and, as we saw last night, that support extends far beyond social media.

Sportsnet tweeted a video of the sweet interaction with the caption "Friends supporting friends." Folks, if you were in need of a little hope in humanity boost, you've officially found it.

Naturally, the comments blew up with positivity and support for Murray's gesture. "More of this on Twitter please!" one Twitter user wrote. "Sportsmanship like that is always great to see," wrote another.

As two goalies in the NHL and two men that have lost their fathers recently, these two have a lot in common and the support could bring a tear (or several) to your eye.

Vancouver's goalie announced the tragic passing of his father on Instagram with the heartfelt caption.

"Dad you have taught me everything I know, I couldn’t ask for a better dad, friend and role model! I know you will always look down on us! The strength you have shown in the last 6 months is unbelievable! I love you and Rest In Peace," followed by "F**kCancer."

Back in January of 2018, Murray shared a post with a series of photos of himself and his father captioned "Rest In Peace, pops."

The show of support during warm-up is exactly what this world needs to see. In the midst of NHL controversy surrounding Mike Babcock and Bill Peters, this gives us some serious hope.

Way to look out for one another.

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