Hockey arenas usually get amped and pumped during the breaks in the game thanks to mascots. With the NHL on pause for the foreseeable future, for one Canuck, it's business as usual. Vancouver Canucks mascot Fin is out there spreading cheer and cheering as loud as they can but instead of supporting the hockey players, it's the city's health care heroes getting the love.

Each night in Vancouver around 7 p.m. in time for many health care worker's shift change, the city erupts in noise.

In many neighbourhoods, but especially in downtown close to st. Paul's Hospital, people go out on their balconies to cheer for health care workers.

They bang pots and pans, they do DJ sets, they sing, they play the saxophone — it's remarkable.

Now, Canucks mascot Fin is joining in the magical cacophony of sound each night visiting hospitals around Metro Vancouver.

The orca whale mascot actually makes dozens of appearances outside of the hockey arena each year, according to his bio page

You can find him on Instagram @canucksfin. Even if you aren't a Cancuks Fan (or even hockey fan) you can still appreciate the mascot showing support. 

Narcity reached out to Fin to find out more about what he's up to and will update this story.

While there's no hockey going on right now, you can still support your team by following them or their adorable dogs on social media.

Seeing professional athletes stuck at home like the rest of us is actually kind of sweet and it's fun to see the unique ways they're spending their time off the ice.

In videos posted to his Instagram account, you can see Fin out there with his sigh sign that reads "Thank You" in Canucks blue colours with hearts around it.

He'll also have a hockey stick with him to bang on the ground while the streets fill with honks, sirens, cheers and more.

When he's not joining in the 7 p.m. cheer, Fin can be found around the city doing social distance friendly birthday shout outs for tiny Canuck Fans. 

I know the NHL is on hiatus right now but can we still nominate Fin for MVP?