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7 Celebrities You Can Often Spot Hanging Out In Vancouver

They seem to love the restaurants!

Canada is a pretty popular place for filming to take place in, making cities like Toronto and Montreal the temporary home for big stars. But the other side of the country is home to familiar faces like Ryan Reynolds and Finn Wolfhard, and so many actors who live there while shootings movies and TV shows. These Vancouver celebrity sightings include those who often visit the west coast. 

Cole Sprouse & KJ Apa

Production on Riverdale starring these two hunky actors first began in 2016 for season one. Since then, all four seasons have been filmed around Vancouver. Last year, Apa took an epic selfie at an A&W (seen above) while getting a late-night snack. Sprouse and Camila Mendes posted a video of them goofing off in Ignite Pizzeria too. According to What's Filming, they'll be there until April 4.

Seth Rogen

The Superbad actor definitely knows the area well since he was born and raised there. He often visits his family and even took chef David Chang to a few of his favourite spots in Netflix's Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner including Lee's Donuts and Hong Kong BBQ Master.

George Clooney

Clooney's 2015 flick Tomorrowland was filmed in Vancouver as well as in Enderby, BC. According to The Travel, while he was there he booked a dinner under the "pseudonym 'Mr. Sanchez'" which "really wasn't enough to thwart his fans." They also wrote that the actor has come back to the city multiple times.

Shay Mitchell

The new mom is already hopping on planes and zooming around with her adorable daughter by her side. In November, she said the first place she was planning to take Atlas was to Vancouver to visit grandma and later in the month she posted shots of the trip. Her family moved to West Vancouver from Mississauga when she was 10 so she often visits those who still live in the area.

Aly & AJ Michalka 

Aly filmed her show Hellcats in Vancouver in 2010, as well as iZombie from 2010 to 2015. Since that was her temporary home, her younger sister often visited and The Travel also reported that "AJ even found herself a Vancouver-based boyfriend." They continued writing that, "nowadays, you can still spot them walking around Gastown, the Sea Wall, or eating at Ask For Luigi."

Lucy Hale

Also according to The Travel, the Pretty Little Liars star "adores Vancouver, its fantastic shopping, and all of its art installations." They wrote that she lived there "while shooting back-to-back projects" as well. The pilot for the show was shot in Vancouver, which likely delighted her co-star, Shay Mitchell.

John Cena

Early last year, the WWE wrestler was filming his comedy Playing with Fire in the western Canadian city. He knows the area so well that he declared Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House as his favourite Canadian restaurant. Just before Christmas, Cena was also spotted at The Belgian Chocolate Cafe (seen above).

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