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Vancouver's Chinatown Entrance Was Defaced With Racist Graffiti Again

The message was similar to the first time.
Vancouver Chinatown Lions Hit With Racist Graffiti For A Second Time

Tensions are high all over. In Canada, there are instances of racially motivated crimes occurring during the pandemic. Most recently, the entrance to Vancouver's Chinatown was defaced with racist graffiti. This is the second time it has happened.

On May 29, the official City of Vancouver Twitter account posted about the defacement of Chinatown's white lions.

"We are extremely disheartened to share the news that yet again the Chinatown Lions have been defaced with racist graffiti," the tweet reads, "We are working with Chinatown community to identify steps we can take to address this issue, as well as supporting @VancouverPD with their investigation."

The tweet included photos of the statues, which had been defaced with messages including "Goof China" and "Covid-19."

In a follow-up tweet, the City noted that a group called Goodbye Graffiti had begun erasing the graffiti. It was also covered by red duct tape.

It also said the city is looking into coating the lions to prevent future instances of graffiti.

According to Global News, the Vancouver Police are actively investigating the situation.

The first instance of graffiti on the lion statues occurred on May 19, with almost the exact same messages drawn in the same places.

Vancouver has been facing rising hate crimes, particularly against Asian communities. They have already recorded more in 2020 than all of last year.

That includes a disturbing instance that was caught on a store surveillance camera when a man attacked and hurled racial insults at a 92-year-old Asian man with dementia.

The Vancouver Police Department has asked anyone who witnesses crimes like these to come forward with information.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed racism in Canada during his most recent daily address, saying, "We need, as a society, to stand together, stand up against discrimination, be there for each other in respect."

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