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Vancouver College Remains Closed After Someone Tried To Set Fire To The School Yesterday

Vancouver's Langara College remains closed today after a man tried to set fire to the school yesterday.

Students and staff were evacuated off campus yesterday after an alarming incident. Someone tried to set fire to the school yesterday and the Vancouver college remains closed today. Police have now arrested the suspect who is believed to be responsible for the fires. 

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Langara College went into shutdown mode yesterday on Monday, April 1 after someone intentionally started multiple fires at the school. The school closed down campus for both staff and students.

The school also told students who had left their belongings at school that they were not able to safely go to campus to pick them up, and that even cars had to be left in the parkade. 

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The school remains completely shut down today on Tuesday, April 2, and all classes have been cancelled. "We are pleased to report that the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) have completed their sweep of all campus buildings, and campus is secure," wrote Langara College in a statement on their website yesterday night.

"However, classes on the W. 49th campus remain cancelled for tomorrow, as we work to secure College and personal property and prepare for the resumption of operations."

If you left behind important personal belongings, info on the process to recover them will be provided tomorrow morning. If you need to retrieve your vehicle from campus, please check-in at Campus Security first. https://t.co/JP6cAx32fo

April 2, 2019

Students have also taken to Reddit Vancouver to share their experience with the incident. Several reported smelling gas before they evacuated the campus. 

This is what they said about when went down. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit Vancouver

Via Screenshot | Reddit Vancouver

Via Screenshot | Reddit Vancouver

Police have now arrested the suspect responsible for starting the fires. They have not released the suspect's identity, but have revealed that he is a man in his 20s and he was arrested several hours after the incident in Surrey, BC by the transit police. 

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"Just before noon, first responders received reports of a suspicious fire on campus," says the news release from the Vancouver Police Department. "After speaking with witnesses, officers determined that a suspect had allegedly entered the college with incendiary devices. It appears the suspect may have lit one or more fires before fleeing from the scene."

Students and staff were able to evacuate the campus safely and no injuries have been reported, says the Vancouver police. The suspect is now in the custody of the VPD.