All this pandemic talk is no excuse not to hold an over-the-top, ear-blowing rager that feels straight outta Las Vegas. One Vancouver DJ's backyard show brings the ruckus to the yard with fireworks and everything. You don't have to go all the way to B.C. to see the over-the-top shows from his house, you can tune in on Instagram for free.

Sebastian Chambers, also known as Seb C used to play at local nightclubs pre-COVID-19. Now with everyone stuck at home, he's had to get creative.

Chambers has been doing live concerts online, streaming to tons of fans over Instagram every Wednesday. But recently, he noticed how boring it was to watch a DJ playing alone in their living room.

"I wanted to grab the viewers more," he told Narcity. He started doing "shot O'clock" at 8:20, where he does a shot with a few listeners live. It was fun, but something was still missing.

Then he realized he still had fireworks leftover from Halloween.

"I had a vision, and it executed pretty well. It was a bunch of my friends in my backyard," he said. The first fireworks show started Wednesday, May 6, and was an explosive hit.

The videos posted to Instagram from the night showed him jamming out in his Vancouver backyard as fireworks exploded behind him gloriously.

His friends were heard cheering with the music. He usually has some friends at his shows, but he keeps the number "under ten," he said.

The livestreams are free and he's not getting paid for any of his mini music festivals either. For him, it's more about keeping his skills fresh and his listeners engaged.

"I've actually got like an overwhelming response of people who were just like thanking me for keeping it up every week," he said.

"So that's definitely keeping me going as well."

The Vancouver DJ is normally seen playing in local clubs like Celebrities, Bar None, and Pierre's Champagne Lounge. But with clubs and bars unable to open until later, he's in a tough situation.

However, Chambers is staying hopeful. He said there's a chance some clubs could open up soon if they keep it under 50 people.

But for now, Chambers is keeping the party online. It's been good so far, and he's actually grown his audience a ton through it.

As for the fireworks, they're more for special occasions — can't upset the neighbours too much. But as long as he's around, the party will rage on.