Canadians are completely mindblown after a video of a supposedly drunk BC driver halting traffic and doing doughnuts on a main highway was released this morning. The video depicts an erratic driver swerving across major roadways, driving in the wrong direction, and almost crashing head-on into a police vehicle, all with a missing back tire.

The video was taken by a witness who saw the incident and caught it on video. The voices of a man and a woman are heard in the video along with the perfectly suited song “Bad Boys” in the background. Coincidence? We’ll never know.

The video captures a dark blue truck with its back-left tire missing driving quickly around a bend and then continues to do a "doughnut" in the middle of a busy freeway. The voices in the video notice the driver is getting onto the highway and they follow the reportedly drunk driver while trying to maintain their distance.

The truck leaves a trail of smoke and sparks as it's back-end scrapes along the road. At one point flames can be seen from under the wheel well. “He’s on fire,” the male voice says, “is he on something!?” the second voice asks.

All of a sudden, the unpredictable driver reverses and heads back towards oncoming traffic. The passenger in the video tells the driver to back up to get out of the way.

The video then shows the truck headed the wrong way down a multi-lane highway with flames emerging from the back of the vehicle. Soon, a police SUV is spotted in the middle of the road, hoping to stop the erratic driver from driving past. The truck continues to drive at the police vehicle, forcing the officer to swerve their car. 

The police vehicle turns around and begins to chase the truck. The video cuts to the driver on foot, running into a field to the side of the road where he is met by a police vehicle and two officers, also on foot, a short distance away. The video ends with the two officers slowly approaching the man. Before the video cuts, we here the female voice saying “I’m so happy…”

Disclaimer: The video below contains explicit language.

We can’t believe this happened and we sure can't believe it was caught on film. We’ve reached out to the Vancouver Police Department for further information on the ramifications of the event and we will update as information comes in.

The caption posted with the video states that the driver “was heavily intoxicated,” and though this may be the case, it has not yet been confirmed by officials.