We've got nothing against the other seasons but summer is totally our favourite. When you're living in a country as cold as Canada, it's natural to look forward to the warm, sunny days for a few months of the year. Thankfully, the time is finally here. Vancouver Farmers' Markets are opening on Saturday, May 2, so this means that summer is truly underway. 

Vancouver Farmers' Market recently announced its summer schedule in a press release, listing the dates that the local markets were opening.

The first of the six markets, Trout Lake Farmers' Market, is set to open on Saturday, May 2. 

This means you can get working on your shopping list now.

Or you can just wing it and grab whatever looks delicious or interesting at the market. We all love a good browsing session. 

This is the 25th anniversary for the Vancouver Farmers' Markets, so it's clearly a special year for our beloved local vendors who've been providing us with fresh, local goods for many, many years. 

However, this year will be a little different than we're used to. Current circumstances have forced the group to implement a number of changes to their market protocol. 

As instructed by Dr. Bonnie Henry, the province's top doctor, the markets' will only be selling food, so you will have to look elsewhere for crafts, flowers, or non-food nursery items. 

Plus, the markets will be limiting shopper capacity so that it doesn't get too crowded.

There will be no eating or live music inside, either. 

Though this doesn't change that farmers' markets are still happening and that locals can still get their hands on the divine fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and tasty snacks that we know and love. 

After Trout Lake's grand opening on Saturday, May 2, Kitsilano Farmers' Market opens the following day on Sunday, May 3.

Both will be open until the weekend of October 24 and 25. 

Trout Lake will be running every Saturday, whereas Kitsilano will be open every Sunday. So no matter where you are in the city, there will be a variety of fresh, local items waiting for you nearby. 

The other three markets are opening their doors in the coming weeks. West End and Mount Pleasant Farmers' Markets will begin welcoming visitors on May 23 and May 24, respectively. 

And finally, the Main St. Station location will become open on June 3. 

Vancouver has an epic food scene, and our farmers' markets contribute massively to that status. 

"We know Vancouverites love their farmers' markets, but I’ve been impressed with the numbers coming out during the pandemic," said Laura Smith, the Executive Director of Vancouver Farmers' Markets in the release. 

Plus, it's never been a better time to go local. Our vendors need our support now more than ever. 

This is so much more than a grocery run; it's a complete experience. And for us Vancouverites, it's a summer staple at this point.