Gas Prices Will Reach A Record High In This Canadian Province For The Summer Season

Prices across the nation are expected to rise this summer.
Ontario Editor
Gas Prices Will Reach A Record High In This Canadian Province For The Summer Season

Canadians saw a spike in gas prices across the nation after the introduction of the Carbon Tax back in April. While the nation is already dealing with incredibly expensive gas prices, the news just got worse, especially for one area in particular. Gas prices are expected to rise even more this summer and Vancouver gas prices are expected to reach a record high. 

According to City News,  a spike in gas prices will be seen around the nation as the summer months start to draw nearer. While most Canadian provinces will remain just below record highs this year, Vancouver gas prices are expected to break records as they reach an all new high. 

It's been no secret that Vancouver has been paying crazy high amounts for gas throughout the past few months. Right now, the average price of gasoline varies around $1.34 per liter throughout the nation, while those in Vancouver are paying around $1.70 per liter. 

GasBuddy's Dan McTeague warns that these prices are only going to get higher as the summer months come along. Of course, the price of gasoline is always expected to rise in the summer. According to CBC this price spike that is seen ever summer is due to the fact that an extra four or five cents a liter are hiked on to the price due to additives that are placed in the gasoline to prevent evaporation. 

While it is still unclear exactly how high the prices of gas will reach in Vancouver this summer, we know it's already starting to top record-breaking prices at some places. According to Gas Buddy, the record high for gas in Vancouver in the past ten years is just over $1.60 per liter. 

This means that Vancouverites can expect to see gas prices higher than $1.60 per liter throughout the upcoming summer months. 

While Vancouver seems to have it the worst, other Canadian provinces aren't quite in the clear. While Vancouver is the only one breaking big records, a lot of other big cities throughout Canada will be reaching historical levels. 

Michael Ervin from the Kent Group Ltd. told City News that, "Vancouver certainly is [at historic highs] but the other major markets we're looking at, such as Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, they're not exceeding historical levels, they're basically at a historical level,". 

This means, that although the rest of the nation won't be facing record-breaking prices, they can still expect to pay a hefty dollar at the pumps this summer as well.