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Vancouver Grizzlies Jerseys Are About To Make A Big Comeback & Fans Are Stoked

You can see them on the court this Saturday.

Get ready for a serious throwback, basketball fans. The classic Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys are making a comeback on the court this weekend in the best way possible. The Memphis Grizzlies have announced that they will be wearing the old Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys for their Saturday, November 23 game and fans are overjoyed.

Ever since the Raptors won the NBA championship, Canada has started to love basketball in a whole new way. When Kawhi Leonard came to Vancouver not too long ago, he got the most Canadian welcome ever. Before the game, Vancouverites rallied in the streets to bring the NBA back to B.C.

To the delight of many west coast basketball fans, a blast from the past is hitting the court this Saturday. The Memphis Grizzlies will be wearing the Vancouver throwback uniform this weekend for their Saturday game against the Lakers. 

In order to announce the exciting news, the Memphis Grizzlies posted a series of photos of the uniform on Instagram. The jerseys look just like the originals and even come with the matching blue shorts. 

Earlier this year, Fastbreak Breakfast announced in a podcast that the jerseys would be used for select games. The Grizzlies then announced that they would be paying homage to their Vancouver roots for the next two seasons. 

Since the team's announcement, people have been posting their thoughts about it online. Social media is abuzz with excitement about the retro jerseys' debut.

Everyone is loving this classic throwback and saying it is long overdue. 

You can get your first glimpse at the new jerseys this Saturday at 5 p.m. PST. 

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