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You Can Eat Scream Puffs & Poison Apples At This BC Bakery For Halloween

Anyone who loves food in Vancouver knows that Beta5 is one of the top spots in the city to treat yourself. Their chocolate and decadent cream puffs are the ultimate cheat day indulgence. In the spirit of Halloween, Beta5 will be serving the most adorable spooky treats in the few days left until October 31. Forget about munching on fun-size chocolate bars and stale candy, these are the only Vancouver Halloween treats that you'll want to get.

The vanill-AHHH! flavour with the Frankenstein head has vanilla bean custard and



The rasp-Boo-ry-Earl Grey mummy cream puff has raspberry mousse and an Earl Grey custard


While a punny name for the spider cream puff is still in the works, it's going to be a chocolatey ganache mash-up with cocoa nib custard, dark chocolate mousse and devil's food cake.

These spooktacular cream puffs are joined by ghoulish looking candy apples that look just like the poison apple in Disney’s Snow White.

Halloween in Vancouver is turning into the sweetest day of the year. There's another bakery that's planning to magically transmogrify into Honeydukes from Harry Potter for Halloween. 

These wicked delights are available only from Saturday, October 26 until Halloween on Thursday, October 31. Make sure to get enough to share with your friends because you definitely do not want to be splitting a cream puff in half. They're too cute and too delicious for that.

The amazing news of these new Halloween treats comes from the Vancouver baker just days after they announced that they'd be expanding. Soon, when you finally find their hidden bakery in an industrial corner of Vancouver, they'll have a new cream puff cafe where you can down and eat your cream puffs.


Price: đź’¸

Address: 413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Get your spooky cream puffs and other spooky treats for your most delicious Halloween ever.

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