With the return of fall comes the promise of Halloween when we get to indulge in all things weird and spooky. Potter's House of Horrors is an iconic annual event for Vancouverites who want to get scared out of their minds. This is probably the most terrifying haunted house in the whole province and it's not for the faint of heart!

New this year, there's going to be a haunted house called Death Valley Motor Inn. You'll be trapped inside a lonely old desert motel. The motel has many guests who check in but few who ever check out.

Expect to encounter a motley crew of serial killers and deranged psychos as you walk through the halls of the rundown motel. Anyone who loves slasher films is going to freak out at this immersive haunted house experience.

The haunted houses at Potter's are a staple of any Halloween bucket list in Vancouver. What makes this place special is that they use special effects and actors to make the scenes come to life. This fall, add a trip to Potter's House of Horrors on your bucket list. It's just a 35-minute drive from Vancouver and it makes for a way more memorable night than just watching a scary movie.

Even though logically you know if anything bad is going to happen to you, there's something that your mind can't bypass and your immediate reaction is being scared out of your mind!

In addition to the brand new Death Valley Motor Inn haunted house, there's also going to be the Devil's Descent haunted house available this fall. Devil's Descent transports you deep beneath the earth's surface to a haunted mine.

You'll actually feel like you're making your way through a creepy mineshaft! Plus, there will be a ton of mysterious and monstrous miners you'll have to slip past while you make your escape. 

The haunted desert motel-themed haunted house most likely have a cameo appearance by aliens and a spooky Area 51 vibe! It's the perfect blend of horror and sci-fi.

Potter's House Of Horrors

Price: $15.99 admission per haunted house

When: Opens on Friday, Sept. 27

Address: 12530 72nd Ave., Surrey, BC

Why You Need To Go: Get scared out of your mind at B.C.'s most insane haunted house this fall!