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Vancouver Bakery Sells Human Organ-Inspired Treats That Look Way Too Real (PHOTOS)

These treats may gross you out, so scroll with caution.
Vancouver Bakery Sells Human Organ-Inspired Treats That Look Way Too Real (PHOTOS)

If you’re a fan of gore and sweet treats then this place is for you. A wicked pastry shop in Metro Vancouver is filled with horror-inspired treats that look so realistic that you might need convincing to take a bite. The specialty pastries at this Vancouver horror bakery are designed to spook you and, thankfully, taste a whole lot better than they look.

The bakery is called Punk Rock Pastries in Burnaby, B.C. Fair warning, these treats may gross you out, so scroll with caution. They are not for the faint of heart. 

Punk Rock Pastries actually specifies in all things scary, CBC News reports. These pastries may taste good, but they look horrifying, which makes them all the more fascinating.

This bakery does it all. From bloody eyeballs and limbs to crusty bugs, there is nothing off-limits for Punk Rock Pastries. In fact, the more spine chilling, the better. With Halloween around the corner, now's the perfect time to sink your teeth into a buttercream brain pie.

Take a look at some of their creepy creations.

According to its website, Punk Rock Pastries was founded by Hollie Fraser, a chef with 17 years of experience. Hollie began piping when she was five years old, so it's clear that baking is her passion.

Punk Rock Pastries specializes in 3D cakes, moving cakes, unreal pastries and naughty desserts for bachelorette parties. They even have gluten-free and vegan options.

Alicia is the resident baker who also has tons of experience. Every day, the dynamic duo puts their heads together to come up with daily creations to shock and amaze you.

While you can go in and buy these scary treats, you can also custom make whatever you want. 

With their diversity and skill, they don’t just do horror and punk-rock items. As you can see below, there's nothing that these two can't do with butter, sugar and frosting.

Now is the time to be eating scary treats like this. Located at 5548 Hastings Street in Burnaby, these treats are just begging to be posted on Instagram. 

We love a good themed treat. In fact, the B.C. baker that transformed their shop into a Harry Potter-themed shop was easily one of our favourites. So many Halloween treats and so little time!

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