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This Is Exactly How Much Money It Takes To Buy A Metro Vancouver Home In 2020

That's it, moving to Maple Ridge. 🏠
Vancouver Housing Prices In 2020: This Is Exactly How Much Money It Takes To Buy A Home

Vancouver is home to giant mountains, giant trees, and giant price tags in the housing market. Despite the city's real estate reputation, however, Vancouver housing prices are actually getting lower. But although costs are down  since 2018, you might still have to save for a while to buy that apartment.

We've all heard how crazy Vancouver's housing situation is, with some of its humblest homes available for no less than a million.

Now, the online brokerage Zoocasa found exactly how much money it takes for a down payment across metro Vancouver.

Don't get freaked out by all the digits, by the way; you only need to pay a fraction of the full price, also called a "down payment," to secure a house. The rest you pay over time with a mortgage loan.

Through all municipalities in Metro Vancouver, on average, it'll cost you $1,248,000 for a house. Going by Canada's housing regulations, that's a down payment of $249,600.

Good news for Vancouver's house buyers, because prices actually dropped in every municipality since 2018, some by over $100,000.

It still isn't cheap, but the most affordable housing is in Maple Ridge, and that averages to roughly $824,900, with a down payment of $57,490.

Meanwhile, the most expensive housing is in West Vancouver at an average of $2,914,000. That's a down payment of $582,800.

In contrast, the average house in Canada costs just $504,350, with a minimum down payment of $25,217, says RE/MAX.

This map shows each region in metro Vancouver and the average price of a home's downpayment.

As pricey as houses are, at least they decreased in cost since 2018. Some apartments actually got more expensive since then.

According to Canadian regulations, down payments are different for every home, depending on their price.

If your home is priced over a million, as many in Vancouver are, the down payment will be 20% of the total price.

It might take 52 years to buy and fully pay off the mortgage of a house here for millennials.

Given these spooky figures, you'll probably want to pick up a side hustle or five if you're looking to settle down here.

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