This Spot In Vancouver Makes Flame Torched Ice Cream Treats

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This Spot In Vancouver Makes Flame Torched Ice Cream Treats

Nothing screams summer more than treating yourself to some delicious ice cream! Thankfully, there are plenty of extraordinary Vancouver ice cream shops to enjoy this summer. One not to miss spot is Mister, which makes flame torched ice cream treats.

Typically combining fire to a frozen dessert would result in melted ice cream, but at Mister, they combine fire and ice into something delicious! Two of their signature treats is br没l茅e ice cream cups or br没l茅e ice cream sandwiches.

Just like a cr猫me br没l茅e, at Mister, they torch the ice cream to caramelize the sugar. The result is a delightful contrast between the hardened sugar and the creamy ice cream.

Plenty of the items on Mister's menu come br没l茅e by default, but you can also request for any cup of ice cream to br没l茅ed too. Or if you love marshmallow, you can opt for the marshmallow creme brulee instead.

At Mister, you can expect unique rotating flavours of the ice cream, so there is always something new to try! For example, right now, they have a lemon meringue ice cream bar that looks incredible! In the past, they have offered ice cream flavours like Earl Grey, coconut ash, strawberry mint lemonade, and Old Fashioned cocktail.

Every ice cream treat is made to order, and you can watch the fascinating process of making liquid nitrogen ice cream! Mister specializes in making in-house liquid nitrogen ice cream from natural ingredients. Compared to regular ice cream, the rapidly frozen ice cream made with liquid nitrogen is creamier and smoother.

Curious to try Mister's ice cream treats? They are open daily from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm at 1141 Mainland Street. For more information about Mister, visit their website.


Price: 馃捀

Address: 1141 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Why you need to go: To try the flame torched ice cream!


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